Arkansas Historic Wine Museum (cont.)

The Arkansas Historic Wine Museum is dedicated to preserving the historic information and artifacts of the wine making tradition in Arkansas.

Museum Expands!

In March of 2006, the Arkansas Historic Wine Museum dedicated a branch in Hot Springs, AR, located on Central Avenue (Hwy. 7). This branch of the Arkansas Historic Wine Museum is located within the facilities of The Winery of Hot Springs. This museum is open 7 days a week. Tourists are encouraged to visit the exhibits of the museum, and to learn of Arkansas' interesting wine heritage.

Enjoy the Art

The only wine museum in the United States dedicated to preserving the wine history of a complete state. We encourage you to visit us and learn more about Arkansas' wine heritage.

Active Wineries Operating in Arkansas Presently

Below you will find a list of wineries that are currently in operation in Arkansas.

Cowie Wine Cellars
101 N. Carbon City Rd
Paris, Arkansas 72855
Phone 479-963-3990
Wiederkehr Wine Cellars
Wiederkehr Village
Altus, Arkansas 72821
Phone 479-468-2611
Mount Bethel Winery
Mount Bethel Drive
Altus, Arkansas 72821
Phone 479-468-2444
The Winery of Hot Springs
1503 Central Ave.
Hot Springs, Arkansas 72901
Phone 501-623-9463


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